The Donner School

March 1, 2010

There’s two things I want to draw your attention to in the title, the first of which is “Donner.”  Ring any bells? If not, you really need to brush up on your history.  The Donner Party is a group that was traveling to California, because that’s where all the legit stuff was happening (Gold Rush, yah!) and hit some hard times on the way over.  They got trapped by a snowstorm at Donner Pass and a group of 15 people set out to seek help.  They soon ran out of food and as each person died, they ate him or her.  Lovely images, right?  The second thing: “school.”  If you have any type of knowledge, you’d know that a school means a group of fish.  Now that I’ve told you that, you might (or might not) have successfully guessed that “The Donner School” refers to cannibalistic fish.  Yum.

Anyways, I caught some fish some time ago, maybe two or three years, and put them into my fish tank.  Twenty fish were there.  The first couple of days went by without incident.  Then, as I was watching them swim around, I saw a group of about four fish clustered at the bottom of the tank.  What were they doing? Hm… eating a fish that had died at sunk to the bottom.  Apparently they didn’t like my fish food and prefer to eat each other.  Blech.  Needless to say, this continued.  Until all my fish died.


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