Soda and Coffee

March 24, 2010

Two drinks that are amazing.  According to some.  According to others, they’re complete bullshit (don’t listen to those people because they’re just haters).

My favorite is Sprite.  Coca-Cola is great, but I’ve kind of lost my taste for it due to my dad drinking only one soda: Diet Coke.  And Diet Coke is nasty.  It’s like Coca-Cola, except less sweet.  Totally ruined my taste for Coca-Cola.  Mountain Dew is awesome.  Tastes hella sweet.  Apparently one can of it has as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee.  And it’s supposed to have an ungodly amount of sugar.  Mm…. sugar.

I like coffee.  I like those bottled frappuccinos the most though.  Those are great.  They leave this strange burnt-coffee-bean aftertaste though.  But it tastes so good.

For some reason, caffeine has absolutely no effect on me.  Seriously, I can drink a couple of cans of Mountain Dew right before I go to sleep and not wake up until the morning.  I’ve done that before.  Some people get super high off of caffeine.  You guys know it’s a drug, right? It’s highly addictive.  Makes you feel active.  And the more you drink it, the “higher” you feel.  Only with caffeine, the “high” just makes you feel hyper.  Spazzy.  Kind of like some people I know.  Caffeine also has less effect on you the more you take it every day.  It’s called tolerance.  You also get more tolerant of marijuana (pronounced mari-ju-ahna, or marihuana if you want to be uncreative) and alcohol and all types of other drugs.  You need more of it to get high.

Without caffeine, avid coffee drinkers have low brain activity compared to normal non-coffee-drinkers.  It’s all in some study.  I’m sure it’s on Google.  It’s like… a permanent crash.  A caffeine “down.”

The only effect coffee has on me is that I need to take a piss fifteen minutes after I drink it.  Only if it’s freshly made though.  Happens every time I drink fresh made coffee, no joke.  It’s a source of annoyance to my parents and anyone driving me after I drink coffee.  I remember a trip to Northstar (ski resort) once…

At hotel.  Drink frappuccino.
On the road.

So if you’re driving me, do not let me drink any fresh coffee before we take off.  Or during.



  1. I have recently discovered your blog (as you have probably noticed from your notifications of who adds you to RSS), and its awesome!!! Definitely makes me laugh. And I liked this post. But I think a better pronunciation guide for marijuana would be mer-ih-wana. Just saying.

    • I know, isn’t it amazing? xD

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