What’s in the future?

March 26, 2010

So, right now, I’m in high school.  And so are you, unless you’re a legal adult reading this or are someone younger.   That’s very convoluted.  Let me reword that.  Basically, you’re currently reading this and you are in high school unless you’re not in high school.  There, that was a lot more simple.  A lot of high schoolers stop at this point in life and start stressing themselves about what will happen in the future: a college education, and a job.

Everyone wants a good job, right? Good, high-paying job.  Reasonable expectations for someone who wants to lead a comfortable life.  However, I’ve been thinking about this.  Personally, I don’t like to be stressed.  Who likes stress?  Workaholics? I highly doubt any of you enjoy being stressed.  “Oh, the wonders of stress! It makes you feel so worked up about whatever you’re doing!” Yeah, like anyone would ever say that.  If you would, you have some serious effing problems.

I like to be loose, I don’t enjoy being up tight about everything.  Which is kind of why my backpack is so screwed up, I guess.  Or maybe it’s just because I’m lazy.

Anyways, so right now, we’re all trying to get amazingly good grades and stressing ourselves in the process.  Let’s ask ourselves, WHY THE HELL?

Answer: We want to get into good colleges and continue our educations.

OK, so we’re stressing ourselves out right now for the privilege of stressing ourselves out even more in the future.

Let’s ask ourselves, why do we want to get into a good college? Exactly just why do we want to get into Harvard or Berkeley or Stanford or wherever the hell you want to go?

Answer? So we can get high-paying jobs in the fields that interest us and ourselves.  That’s logical, right?

And just what do high-paying jobs do to us? They make us comfortable? Um, ha.  They make us ill-humored, stressed-out parents that are pissed off a lot of the time and people that laugh at our own extremely lame jokes.

So we’re currently stressing ourselves out for the privilege of stressing ourselves out in the future at college so we can stress ourselves out when we get a high-paying job that makes us boring people.

My my, the world is screwed up.

Why don’t we just get jobs in Hawaii or somewhere nice as a tour guide that pays enough to keep you alive? Enjoy life as you have it, make an impact on yourself and the others around you by keeping yourself happy.  Why stress yourself so you can stress yourself so you can stress yourself, over and over again?

Maybe you’ll find a high-paying job that’s not stressful and you actually like and is pretty awesome, like…

Can you think of anything? Because I really am coming up empty at this point.

Not as if I’m going to be getting a job as a tour guide in Hawaii though.  It’d be nice, but I still want money.  Money makes the world go round, and I want more of it.  So I’ll try to get into Harvard or Princeton or Berkeley or Caltech or Stanford or whichever college I feel like I want to  attempt to go to.  And then I’ll try to get a high-paying job.

Just because I keep talking about high school being stressful doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m stressful at the moment.  I’m very relaxed.  High school so far has been just like middle school – don’t try and still get decent grades.  However, I actually have to pay a tiny bit more attention in class.

So yeah, there’s my spiel on what the hell might just happen to our futures.



  1. The world is so competitive nowadays, getting into top colleges is so hard, i’m kinda worried…

  2. Oh come on. High paying jobs can be satisfying as well! Especially if it IS in the field that you like! And there is a possibility that it may make us more patient, humorous parents!

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