Weird Stuff.

May 4, 2010

This is such a strange planet.  There’s so many strange things going on here.  Like, flavored condoms.  Our guest speaker returned today and demonstrated proper condom use.  It was a flavored one.  She sniffed the wooden penis when it had the condom on it.  Awkward stuff?

So, the first strange thing that’s actually news and not just me babbling is, perhaps, the mini-star that scientists are attempting to create.  Remember my post about alternate energy sources and all that stuff that was probably really boring? I guess I was wrong about fusion being a dead end, because some scientists in Livermore are trying to create a mini-star that’s capable of heating water to turn turbines.  They estimate that this stage will still be some way off, but their first experiment should be sometime soon.  Reminds me of Spiderman 2 – You know, Doc Ock trying to build a mini-star for the same exact purpose.  Well, this star is supposed to be smaller than a human hair, so I’m guessing we should be safe. (Here)

Second.  GPS satellites may start malfunctioning within the next year.  Oh no, what are we going to do?!

Human waste disposal is really kind of problematic in some places of the world where there is little or no plumbing.  People just crap in bags and throw it onto the street (not exactly very hygienic, if you ask me).  So, the Peepoo bag is being developed.  It’s a biodegradable bag that disinfects the human waste, which also biodegrades.  Sounds fun.

Argentinean fire ants are really really annoying in the American South.  They cause $1 billion in damage in Texas every year by screwing up electrical stuff.  They can also kill animals and injure humans.  To control them, Texan researchers are releasing Argentinean flies that will lay eggs inside a fire ant’s body.  These eggs hatch and eat the ant’s brain.  Then, the ant walks around for two weeks, and then the head pops off, and more flies come out.  Zombie ants.

You know, if you go into medical school, you eventually have to dissect human carcasses, right? But they’re dead.  However, some people, when they die, are hooked up to some machines that keeps them alive.  But really, they’re dead.  Their brains don’t work and only the body is functioning.  So, living cadavers.  Surgeons use them to keep the body parts fresh in case they need them for organ transplants, like hearts.  Funnily enough, people who receive heart transplants often have vivid dreams about the donor of the heart (who is most likely dead by then).  They’re always wrong.  Maybe the soul really isn’t in the heart, then.

I remember when Todd told me about the fly-tracking laser.  Sounded pretty awesome to me.  But now, there’s a robotic table that eats bugs.  Flies fly onto a flypaper conveyor belt, which is scraped off into a “microbial fuel cell,” where they’re digested and converted to electricity that powers the conveyor belt.

The government tends to be very, very weird sometimes.

Apparently the moon landing video got taped over.  Darn.  In the 1980’s, NASA apparently had a bunch of data flooding in and not enough stuff to record it with.  So, they took tons of tapes and taped over them.

The government lost a hypersonic glider that’s supposed to demonstrate the military’s ability to attack remote areas without using ICBMs (inter continental ballistic missiles, I think), which can be mistaken for nuclear missiles.  How do you lose something like that? Maybe now my parents will believe that I lose my homework sometimes.



  1. Argentinean flies are real? creepy.

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