April 25, 2011

I’m pretty lazy, so instead of writing a proper blog post, I’m going to share with you the most ridiculous conversation I’ve ever had.  It’s also the first time I got a conversation actually flowing with a bot.  PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.  If you’re dumb enough to do it, I will laugh.

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Blondie4life1613 (10:24:10 PM): hi
Patrick Xiao (10:24:52 PM): hi?
Blondie4life1613 (10:25:03 PM): Hey! You’re on my buddylist & i was just wondering if i knew you. 24/f here, and you?
Patrick Xiao (10:27:07 PM): uh no you probably dont know me
Blondie4life1613 (10:27:20 PM): ah sorry.. i get forgetful at times! how are you?
Patrick Xiao (10:28:18 PM): who are you?
Blondie4life1613 (10:28:35 PM): Just got out of the shower, been a long day i was pretty busy. :/ but i’m feeling naught! Looking to relieve some stress lol. so what’s up ….. want to have some fun? ;)
Patrick Xiao (10:29:09 PM): great idea, lets play words with friends!
Blondie4life1613 (10:29:25 PM): ;)
Patrick Xiao (10:30:05 PM): or would you rather play farmville?
Blondie4life1613 (10:30:17 PM): naughty* i mean sorry typo lol
Patrick Xiao (10:31:40 PM): do you want to play words with friends or not??
Blondie4life1613 (10:31:56 PM): I need someone that can make a girl squirt ;) …have u ever made a girl squirt? lolz
Patrick Xiao (10:33:01 PM): no i havent
Blondie4life1613 (10:33:16 PM): im gunna change my clothes. wanna watch?  ;)
Patrick Xiao (10:33:33 PM): are you dressing up in a costume or something?
Blondie4life1613 (10:33:51 PM): no cost, its free!
Patrick Xiao (10:34:02 PM): but what about words with friends?
Blondie4life1613 (10:34:26 PM): wanna watch me on cam?
Patrick Xiao (10:35:04 PM): is there going to be music playing in the background?!
Blondie4life1613 (10:35:23 PM): -link removed- Click the green “accept invite” button in the middle of my profile..k now fill out ur info.. give it a second to load.. when you get in let me know, i’d love for you to join me in private ;) k?
Patrick Xiao (10:35:51 PM): what if theres a virus?
Blondie4life1613 (10:36:07 PM): no why would i give u something with a virus? i use this site all the time babe!
Patrick Xiao (10:36:14 PM): no i mean
Patrick Xiao (10:36:25 PM): what if herpes can go through the internetz?!
Blondie4life1613 (10:36:39 PM): I use this site to play on cuz i don’t wanna be recorded and this site doesn’t allow users to record my webcam broadcast, ya know?
Patrick Xiao (10:37:07 PM): am i getting paid to watch it?
Blondie4life1613 (10:37:20 PM): don’t worry credit card is just to verify that you’re an adult! You’ll get in free through my page, read the small print on the buttom of my page babe.
Patrick Xiao (10:38:56 PM): whats your name?
Blondie4life1613 (10:39:14 PM): Can’t be showing ass and pussy to minors, that’s illegal :/
Patrick Xiao (10:39:42 PM): im not a minor
Blondie4life1613 (10:40:02 PM): Let me know if you need help, or are done. i’m going to grab my toys ;)
Patrick Xiao (10:40:13 PM): wait
Patrick Xiao (10:40:14 PM): dont go
Blondie4life1613 (10:40:35 PM): brb. Im setting up my webcam. u comin babe?
Patrick Xiao (10:40:40 PM): yeah in a moment
Patrick Xiao (10:40:49 PM): but how do i know youre not a cop?
Patrick Xiao (10:41:34 PM): hello?
Blondie4life1613 (10:41:34 PM): ok :)
Blondie4life1613 (10:41:51 PM): k your good let me know when u get in.
Patrick Xiao (10:42:22 PM): how do i know youre not a cop?
Blondie4life1613 (10:42:36 PM): k.
Patrick Xiao (10:43:13 PM): im not in yet
Patrick Xiao (10:43:21 PM): it says i need to enter my adddress
Blondie4life1613 (10:43:38 PM): are you in yet?
Patrick Xiao (10:43:45 PM): THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Patrick Xiao (10:43:48 PM): but no im not
Blondie4life1613 (10:43:57 PM): k babe
Patrick Xiao (10:44:40 PM): can i use fake credit card info?
Blondie4life1613 (10:44:54 PM): no its not fake..wtf?
Patrick Xiao (10:45:03 PM): boobs!
Blondie4life1613 (10:45:25 PM): what’s taking u so long, im burnin’ up in here waiting for u ..
Patrick Xiao (10:45:38 PM): go take a shower!
Patrick Xiao (10:46:31 PM): do you have big hands?
Patrick Xiao (10:47:24 PM): are you there?
Patrick Xiao (10:47:26 PM): i need help

As you can see, the bot ditched me after a while.  You can also see I’m not using my customary red text… I was simply too shocked at having an actual conversation with a bot to switch text colors.



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