College sandwiches are good, but the chicken sucks.

June 20, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, I’m taking a college course of the summer (Java Programming) because I absolutely refuse to take APCS at school with…

Dammit, my therapist told me not to think of her.

Anyways, my parents want me to know some basic computer programming, because apparently everyone knows how to program like a mofo by college.

Unfortunately, I haven’t turned 16 yet, so I couldn’t sign up for classes at West Valley, which has a minimum age requirement of 16.  West Valley also happened to be the closest college, which is, eh, 5 minutes away via bike.  The next closest college was De Anza, but I couldn’t go there because the schedule was all weird and we’re leaving in China in August or something.

So I was forced to go to Mission College.  Mission is great, by the way, not dissing it or anything, but it’s kind of inconvenient.  It involves half an hour of driving one way, and that totals around 6 hours just to take one freaking class.  Well, actually two, if you want to count the lab portion and the lecture portion separate.

I was hoping to get my application rejected so I could then get rejected from C Programming (my first alternate) so I could get into Psychology (my second alternate), but no such luck.  I got into Java.

I wasn't happy, but at least we were going to learn how to speak Coffee-with-a-flame.

By the way, our last day of school was Wednesday last week, which means I got a whopping 4 days of freedom before I went to college in high school.  Oh, and this isn’t a class designed for just high schoolers who want to take a summer class – it’s a college course.  There were adults, some maybe as old as 40, in the class, along with a couple of high schoolers such as yours truly.

Anyways, today, I went to class.  The teacher was a black dude with a slight accent.  It sounded Jamaican, but could just as easily be South African, because I have absolutely no idea when it comes to accents.

He started off class by talking about stuff such as Java is very interesting and You will like Java and This class will be easier if you already know some stuff about programming and just in general being a very energetic teacher.  I don’t understand being energetic in the morning, but I guess when you’re teaching something with a cup of espresso as the logo, you’re gonna be energetic.

Oh, and before I forget, you can expect to have two hours of homework for every one hour of class.


Also, you have a midterm and a final.  Each is worth 20% of your grade.


Anyways, we started programming that very day which also happens to be today, and although I didn’t make any mistakes (I am perfect, after all (OK, maybe just lucky)), a lot of the mistakes I saw around me were very small errors – they forgot to capitalize a letter, they put a colon instead of a semicolon, their head exploded.

Hasta luego.


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  1. so do you like the class? I took it in the school. I liked it.

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